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scan on

[bluetooth]# list
Controller 00:0A:CD:3A:B2:A0 conovaloff-xubuntu [default]
[NEW] Device 72:22:F3:18:3D:00 Capsula-6F27729D7532321D

[bluetooth]# pair 72:22:F3:18:3D:00
Attempting to pair with 72:22:F3:18:3D:00

[Capsula-6F27729D7532321D]# trust 72:22:F3:18:3D:00
[CHG] Device 72:22:F3:18:3D:00 Trusted: yes

[bluetooth]# connect 72:22:F3:18:3D:00
Attempting to connect to 72:22:F3:18:3D:00
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